My Mum first gave me an appreciation for flowers...

It is my Mum who first gave me an appreciation for flowers. “Look at the Snowdrops”, she would point out to me as the new growth broke free from the cold Winter ground. She’d say the same about Crocuses and Daffodils, Roses and Hydrangeas when their time came. Thank you Mum, I now get it! Nature just has so many benefits – it calms the soul, helps you breathe and it look pretty good too.

It was after working in the fast-paced world of design for 20 years that I knew it was time for a change. The art of creating beautiful designs within a client’s budget and delivering something on time which wows, comes as second nature to me.

Yet sitting in front of a computer screen just didn’t have the same effect as being surrounded by nature, so I decided to retrain as a florist. I still get to deliver designs that wow – but now they are beautiful blooms.

After spreading my wings and working in Asia and Australia, my experiences combined with the people I met a long the way inspired me to set up Jewels of Nature. I am now truly living my dream. My eyes light up when I talk about flowers and I promise you that same passion will be portrayed in whatever wonderful floral designs I create for you.